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Safety Pharmacology Services

In Vivotecnia we want to get the most out of our animal’s facilities. That’s why we have implemented the cardiovascular telemetry in dogs, using cutting-edge technology. Our telemetry system provider (DSI) is the recognized leader in physiologic monitoring. Our safety pharmacology facilities include telemetry studies, surgical capabilities and custom-built study rooms with remote connections Our colonies of pre-instrumented animals allows us to meet optimal deadlines There are several advantages in the use of Implantable telemetry such as freely moving animals (eliminate restraining stress – refinement), the reduction in the number of animals, high data quality (accuracy and reliability) and the measurements can be obtained with no lab personnel present. We can obtain different telemetry recordings such as arterial blood pressure, heart rate and ECG parameters (RR interval, PR interval, QRS duration, QT interval and QTc.). Don’t hesitate to ask for request, we will be happy to help...

Vivotecnia at the SOT Congress in New Orleans, Louisiana

Once again Vivotecnia was present at The Society of Toxicology’s 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo that took place 14, 15 and 16 March at New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the main event worldwide in the area of toxicology. The goal is “to provide a forum for novel discoveries and approaches related to toxicology and to facilitate the advancement of toxicology by fostering the integration of toxicology with other biomedical disciplines.” There were more than 350+ toxicology-related companies and organizations with 6,800+ attendees over three days. The ToxExpo was an amazing opportunity for Vivotecnia to stay updated with all the news and trends related with the area of toxicology and to keep in touch with our clients, potential clients, partners and the most relevant experts in the field of toxicology. We will be present again next year at ToxExpo in Baltimore, we hope to see you there!...


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